Plumpton Area

Residential Development


This Sub-Scheme Property is situated in the outer western suburb of Fraser Rise which was formerly part of Plumpton being located approximately 25 kilometres west of Melbourne's Central Business District with an Urban Growth Zoning under the Melton Planning Scheme.

Public transport in the area includes a bus service operating along Melton Highway with Watergardens Railway Station and shopping facilities situated approximately 5.5 kilometres east of the property. Educational facilities are currently located in the adjoining established area of Caroline Springs and upon establishment of the subject PSP schools will be provided in the immediate area.

The subject holding is proposed to yield 78 residential allotments, two medium density sites (super lots), future development residual lot of approximately 2ha, 5.2ha of Active Open Space and is being developed as part of the Aldo Estate.

The Aldo Estate is proposed to provide 565 residential lots plus 6 larger medium density sites and two further super lots, school site, active opens space and drainage corridor.

Current Approved Loan Facility $20,850,000
Interest Rate Closed
LVR: 60% of Gross Realisation (ex. GST)
Maturity Date: Closed
Original Term: 36 months
Reference Number: 2622

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