Banking Details

Banking details are as follows:

Account Name: RMBL Mortgage Income Investments
Bank: Westpac Banking Corporation
BSB: 033-186
Account No: 172767

More information

If you choose to give payment instructions to RMBL by email you acknowledge that:

a) An e-mail is not a secure method of delivering payment instructions. An email may be interfered with including but not limited to: interception, viewing by unauthorised third parties, unauthorised alteration or copying of signature;

b) RMBL is under no obligation to verify the authenticity or accuracy of any email instructions received; and

c) The relevant parties indemnify and release RMBL from all losses and liabilities arising from any payment made, or any action taken by RMBL, based on any instruction that was received by fax or email;

d) Please call RMBL’s office to verify any email instructions given regarding payments.