About RMBL

RMBL is an AFS licensed contributory mortgage investment manager. Its qualified team has a depth of knowledge that has allowed it to operate successfully for over 60 years.


RMBL has been in operation since 1960.

In 2000, RMBL established the RMBL Mortgage Income Investments Scheme (Fund).

On 11 March 2002 the provisions of the Financial Services Reform Act (“FSRA”) came into force. The Act was passed by Parliament on 23 August 2001 and commenced on 11 March 2002, with a two year transitional period for participants in the industry to make the transition from their current regulatory structure to the single licensing and product disclosure regime required under FSRA. The FSRA and its regulations have made consequential amendments to the Corporations Act and its regulations, and came into full effect on 11 March 2004.

On 15 October 2002 RMBL was issued with an Australian Financial Services Licence which allows it to operate the Fund. The latest Product Disclosure Statement lodged with ASIC, provides information to Investors about the Fund.

RMBL has built a reputation for delivering excellent and friendly service. The head office is located in Dandenong, the heart of Melbourne’s industrial south east district.

The RMBL Team

Colin Madden
Alex Courtney
Surinder Gurdial

Elena Grayson
Hayley Pope
Matt Purves
Warren Erfurth

Dawn Arendse

Ruth Ravuri

  • Colin Madden — LLB., B. Comm
    Colin Madden — LLB., B. Comm

    03 9213 5701 | 0419 754 863

    Colin is a hands on director involved in all matters affecting the RMBL Fund including liaising with Borrowers regarding their finance requirements, and dealing with Investors in relation to the Fund.

    Colin has expertise in lending across all states and territories of Australia and dealing with development and subdivision finance.

  • Alex Courtney — LLB.B.Sc
    Alex Courtney — LLB.B.Sc
    Director / Chief Operating Officer

    03 9213 5703 | 0411 219 858

    Alex is RMBL’s Chief Operating Officer and is involved in all operational matters affecting the Fund, as well as ensuring the compliance obligations of the business are maintained.

  • Surinder Gurdial — BA.(Hons), Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn)
    Surinder Gurdial — BA.(Hons), Barrister-at-Law (Lincoln's Inn)
    Director / Internal Audit

    03 9213 5702 | 0419 754 884

    As well as being a director of RMBL, Surinder is also the Scheme’s Senior Compliance Officer and is responsible for ensuring that all compliance obligations are met in relation to RMBL’s AFS Licence, Compliance Plan and Constitution.

    Surinder also has extensive experience in putting together loan transactions, managing development projects and handling joint ventures in property development matters.

  • Warren Erfurth
    Warren Erfurth
    Head of Portfolio Management

    03 9213 5721 | 0407 497 055

    Warren is involved in all aspects of the RMBL business including working with Borrowers in structuring their loans, and dealing with Investors in relation to their investment activities in the Fund.

    Warren possesses extensive strategic and corporate management expertise with in depth experience and knowledge across a broad spectrum of investing and lending activities. He has held senior executive positions in corporate banking including credit, specialised and property finance.

  • Hayley Pope
    Hayley Pope
    Head of Risk & Compliance

    03 9213 5729 | 0447 830 532

    Hayley is responsible for building out and leading the Risk and Compliance function for all of RMBL’s activities in managing the Scheme. Hayley strives to instil a culture of continuous improvement in the organisation relating to the risk management framework and control procedures across the board.

  • Matt Purves
    Matt Purves
    Chief Information Officer

    03 9213 5719 | 0413 242 331

    Matt is RMBL’s Chief Information Officer, responsible for all planning, implementing and managing of RMBL’s Information Technology requirements, ensuring continual support for the business and that data security measures are maintained.

  • Dawn Arendse — Dip. Financial Services/Dip. Mortgage Lending
    Dawn Arendse — Dip. Financial Services/Dip. Mortgage Lending
    Funds Manager - Investment Team

    03 9213 5708 | 0456 719 609

    Dawn has extensive experience in the finance and investment sector and oversees the day to day operations of the Investment Team.

  • Ruth Ravuri — CPA
    Ruth Ravuri — CPA
    Manager - Accounts and Finance

    03 9213 5715

    Ruth leads the Accounts Team overseeing the day to day operations of the accounts department.

  • Elena Grayson – LLB, B. Ec
    Elena Grayson – LLB, B. Ec
    Senior Legal Counsel

    03 9213 5709 | 0419 754 889

    Elena is RMBL’s Legal Counsel involved in all areas of lending, facilitating loan matters and settlements . Elena has extensive knowledge in property development matters and general finance related matters.

Frequently asked questions

Type of investment

Investment in a specific first registered mortgage which provides a competitive rate of interest (variable or fixed) for a fixed term. Please contact us for the current variable rate.

How are your funds invested upon receipt of the Application?

Upon receipt of the Application Form, which accompanies the Product Disclosure Statement and satisfactory Identification Check, your funds are placed into a Trust Account following which RMBL will forward you a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) and Consent Form containing the details of a Loan. Upon receipt of the Consent Form your funds will be invested in that Loan

Your funds will be deposited into a Trust Account if RMBL has not received your Consent Form within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the funds.

What about investing further funds?

Multiples of $1,000 may be invested following the minimum investment amount. You can also re-invest your interest.

When do I start to earn interest?

Pending any necessary clearance, you will earn interest after 10 working days from the date of receipt, or sooner if your funds are allocated to a nominated Loan Facility.

You will not earn interest while your funds are in the Trust Account for a period of up to 10 working days from the date of receipt. If your funds have not yet been allocated to a nominated Loan, your funds will be deposited into an Trust Account and you will earn the applicable commercial interest rate offered by the Bank until your funds are allocated to a nominated Loan. On request, we will inform you of the applicable commercial interest rate.

Upon allocation of your funds to a nominated Loan, interest is earned at the applicable variable or fixed rate of the Loan from the date of allocation.

Can interest be reinvested?

The Application Form provides an option for you to reinvest interest (whether earned from a Loan or from the Trust Account) and as sums in multiples of $1,000 are accumulated in the Trust Account, subject to obtaining your consent, these sums may be invested in nominated Loans.

When is the interest paid?

Usually monthly in arrears, unless otherwise disclosed in Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement.

When can my funds be withdrawn?

5 working days notice is required if you withdraw your funds from the Trust Account.

Once allocated to a Loan, funds can only be withdrawn at the Due Date of the Loan, if the Borrower has satisfied all requirements for renewal of the Loan and replacement investor funds are available, or if the loan is repaid by the Borrower. A Borrower may repay the loan before the Due Date.

RMBL does however have discretion to allow an early redemption, but only where the Loan is not in default and there is a replacement Investor to take your place in the Loan and the replacement Investor completes all documentation required by RMBL.

Can I invest as a Wholesale Investor?

Yes. The Fund is open to both Retail and Wholesale Investors. By investing as a Wholesale Investor, you will not be required to provide your consent before your funds are placed into a Loan, allowing RMBL to streamline the paperwork for your investment. You will receive updates from time to time on the Loans in which your funds have been invested, and you always retain a right of veto.

You will be required to satisfy one of the tests under the Corporations Act before we can accept you as a Wholesale Investor. More details are available by contacting RMBL, your financial planner or your financial adviser.

What sort of property types are used for my investment?

Please see our PDS disclosure page for further information.

Australian Financial Complaints Authority Membership Certificate

RMBL Investments Ltd is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority. Click here to view the certificate.