Welcome to RMBL Investments Limited (RMBL) - Now located at Level 5, 225 Lonsdale Street, Dandenong

RMBL is an Australian Financial Services Licensed contributory mortgage investment manager.

RMBL has over 55 years experience in contributory mortgage investment. The investment funds are managed by professionals with extensive expertise in this area.

What is Contributory Mortgage Investment?

The Scheme known as RMBL Mortgage Income Investments, offers investment in Loans, which are secured by first registered Mortgages over legal interests in real property in Australia. Each Loan approved by RMBL is known as a Sub Scheme and each Sub Scheme is independent from all other Sub Schemes managed by RMBL.

The mortgages are registered in the name of RMBL being the mortgagee or lender. Each Member contributes their funds to one or more Sub Schemes. Members consent to the allocation of their funds to a particular Sub Scheme after they have received the specific details of a particular Loan in a Supplementary Disclosure Statement.

As the Scheme is not a “pooled fund”, your entitlement to income or capital is based only on your investment in a specific Sub Scheme and you have no right to the income or capital of other Sub Schemes.

RMBL is not authorised to provide financial advice and you should consult your business adviser, financial planner, accountant or such other professional as you may deem fit to ensure that your investment is in compliance with your needs and meets with your investment criteria. If you are unsure about any matters explained on this website you should consult a professional adviser.



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