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This Sub-Scheme property is situated in Southport which is an established, centrally located mixed-use suburb of the Gold Coast with a Precinct 3 – PDA Garden Residential Neighbourhood Zoning under the South East Queensland Regional Plan 2017. The localities residential profile is characterised by varying scales of quality across several property types being older to modern/style/renovated low density detached dwellings, duple units and flats buildings, portions of prestige waterfront properties, modern medium density townhouse developments and in minority medium density unit projects. The locality holds portions of industrial zoning/land uses, large-scale retail amenities, sporting facilities and several well regarded educational facilities. The proposed project will appreciate good Broadwater, ocean and skyline views. The site is relatively well located within proximity to a range of retail amenity, various private and public schools with the most notable being The Southport School and St Hilda School.

The Sub-Scheme property is contained over three separate but connected titles being 1,957 square metres of total land. The proposed project will require two lots created to facilitate the staging of the development stage 1 being 1,123 square metres and stage 2 of 834 square metres.

Intended is the construction of two high rise, architecturally designed mixed use apartment buildings comprises a total of 264 units.

The approved scheme proposes 106 units or 216 bedrooms over stage 1 and 158 units or 319 bedrooms and three retail tenancies over stage 2. The development comprises communal facilities (within stage 1) over level five (podium) including a lap pool, sun deck, barbeque and casual dining area, gymnasium and resident’s lounge. The stage 1 component consists of a total of 106 apartments being a mix of one bedroom (11) two bedrooms (82) and three bedrooms (13). The one and two bedroom apartments are provided one car space whilst the three bedroom units provide two car spaces.

The one bedroom one bathroom units provide a gross floor area of 59 square metres. The two bedroom two bathroom provide gross floor areas ranging between 83 square metres and 111 square metres. The three bedroom two bathroom provide gross floor area of 141 square metres with 2 of these units proposed to be amalgamated which will provide a gross floor area of 249 square metres.

Construction has commenced.

Current Approved Loan Facility $46,500,000
Interest Rate Closed
LVR: 66.66%
Maturity Date: Closed
Original Term: 36 Months
Reference Number: 2837

You should first read and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) dated 20 September 2017 and the specific Sub Scheme Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement relating to any loan(s) you wish to invest in. We encourage you to seek your own independent advice before making a decision to invest with RMBL Investments Limited. Funds for investment can only be accepted by completing the Investment Application Form.

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